Consider Making a Contribution to SALTISE 
For the past four years, SALTISE has been one of the only free educational conference in Quebec. This was initially made possible with the support of funding from MELS and has continued with the support of the Entente Canada-Québec and the voluntary efforts of the Organizing Committee.

Unfortunately, we no longer have guaranteed funding for the SALTISE conference. But, we will not let that stop our community from growing. We also will not compromise on our values to provide everyone with access to the knowledge and sharing that happens at our Conference. With that as our aim, the Organizing Committee has pledged to find a way to pay for the Conference. What we do know is that we want you to be there!

For your information, the actual cost per participant is $150. We are exploring various options and call on you to join us in finding a solution.

To help with these efforts, we are accepting contributions from individuals, institutions, foundations or corporate donors. Please contact us if you have information on larger contributions from institutions, foundations an/or corporate donors (



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