Exemplary Active Learning Classrooms

Active Learning (AL) classrooms are spaces designed to facilitate the implementation of active learning pedagogies by supporting collaboration between students. Often, ALC are technology-rich learning spaces featuring computing devices, installed or brought into the room.

SALTISE members, primarily at Dawson College and McGill University, have made considerable contributions to the design and research of active learning classrooms. For more information, please contact Chris Whittaker at Dawson College and Adam Finkelstein at McGill University.

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International AL Classrooms

On the international front, members of the Learning Sciences have taken a scholarly approach to investigating and expanding knowledge on the topic learning spaces, they refer to these as Future Learning Spaces. This group is considering the theory, methods, design and implementation of such spaces. North Carolina State University (NCSU), Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Dickinson College have lead the way in designing ALCs with projects such as SCALE-UP and TEAL Technology-Enhanced Active Learning. A key example of how such learning spaces can become an integral part of an institution’s classroom inventory is the University of Minnesota, they have constructed 14 ALCs in their Robert H. Bruininks Hall building. They host an annual event on the design and development of ALCs, the International Forum on Active Learning Classrooms.
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