At Dawson College, faculty have been increasingly turning to Active Learning as an evidence-based instructional approach. To support this growth, the college has invested resources in developing Active Learning classrooms and in the development of pedagogical resources and capacity through a number of faculty and researcher-lead initiatives – including the development of the Dawson Active Learning Community (DALC) and SALTISE.

Active Learning Info from the DALC

DALC Resources Produced

How to Get Students to Read Before Class

Reflective Writing (RW) is a way to get students to come to class prepared for a more meaningful engagement with the content/topic in a particular class.

Active Learning Instruction and Active Learning Classrooms At Dawson

The goal of this document is to be a resource for both new, and not so new, teachers who use Active Learning instructional methods and the Active Learning classrooms at Dawson.

Eight big ideas on active learning from evidence-based research

Designing and Implementing (Orchestrating) Instruction

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Winter 2020 Fellows 
  • Catherine Roy (Physiotherapy Thechnology)
  • Johanne Rabbat (Religion)
  • Catherine Braithwait (History)
  • Ahmed Banki (Economics)
Fall 2019 Fellows
  • Cory Legassic (New School/Humanities)
  • Catherine Roy (Physiotherapy Thechnology)
  • Johanne Rabbat (Religion)

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