Joel Trudeau

2019 | Dawson College | Hacking open-source hardware in and out of the classroom

Kevin Lenton

2019 | Vanier College | Geogebra in the Physics classroom


Ann-Louise Davidson

Concordia University

2019 | Maker Fundamentals: A Journey Into Developing Maker Expertise

Ann-Louise Davidson at Concordia University Presents The Walrus Talks Disruption (YouTube)


Dominique Piotte

École de technologie supérieure

2019 | La “prépa”… pour ou contre?


2018 | Examens collaboratifs à l’ÉTS: bilan d’une expérience pilote


2017 | Adapter la class au profil de l'apprenant


AIPU 2016 - Métamorphoser une classe de sciences en lieu d’apprentissage actif par l’expérimentation à l’aide d’une calculatrice symbolique

Franco La Braca

2019 | Concordia University | Improving high school students’ conceptions of force and motion through labatorials and reflective writing (Poster)


Nathalie Duponsel

Concordia University

2019 | The challenge of assessment in maker education and design-based learning in formal education

2017 | Using robotics for mathematics learning in low SES schools


Robert Cassidy

2019 | Concordia University | Driving pedagogical innovation: a new model involving Research Practice Partnerships

Saul Carliner

Concordia University

2019 | Applying the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Classroom Practice


2016 | Thirteen Suggestions for writing engaging and relevant questions


Petra Turkewitsch

Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îsles

2019 | OCLaRE, the Online Collaborative Lab Reporting Environment—an Update on Development

2017 | Online Collaborative Lab Reporting Environment


2016 | Mining for Iron in our Diet

2015 | Designing Pedagogy with Seaweed in Mind: An Online Approach

2014 | Innovating the Cultural and Pedagogical Gap with Seaweed

Hélène Nadeau

Dawson College

2019 | The students' perspective on the educational value of extra-curricular projects.

2017 | A Village Approach to Forming Future Research


Neerusha Gokool-Baurhoo

2019 | McGill University | Using Google Docs in crafting biology laboratory reports: Benefits and challenges for CEGEP biology students and their instructors

Daniel Goldsmith

2019 | Dawson College | Best Practices in E-Learning

Monica Lopez

2019 | Marianopolis College | Applying the scholarship of teaching and learning in classroom practice


Sébastien Wall-Lacelle

2019 | Cegep de Saint-Jerome | Exploring the use of virtual reality in college science classes

Drew Bush

McGill University

2019 | Fall 2018 SALTISE Mini-Grant Report: Investigating How Students Learn by Rescuing Historical Weather Data


2016 | Technology-enabled Inquiry Climate Change Learning: Examining Group Work with Realistic Scientific Tools


2015 | Global Climate Models for the Classroom: A Review of Active Learning in Inquiry Climate Change Teaching and Its Implications for New Ed Tech


Gabriel Flacks

2019 | Champlain Regional College | Linkr: a Global Educational Network, Workspace for Active Learning, and home for the Saltise community

Caroline Viger

2018 | John Abbott College | Mini-grant: Learning Assistants in the Physics Classroom


Silvia d’Apollonia

Dawson College

2017 | A Village Approach to Forming Future Researchers


2015 | Website Analytics: Using Crazy Egg to crack how students use your website

2014 | Using “Pathfinder” to track students’ mental models: Pedagogy and Research

Michael Dugdale

John Abbott College

2017 | Online Collaborative Lab Reporting Environment


2016 | How to support teachers manage collaborative learning: GRASP a new tool for orchestrating group work

2014 | DALITE in Physics: How do we know when students have changed their thinking

2013 | DALITE: A new way of thinking about "peer-instruction" & learning science

Sharon Coyle

Cégep de Sept-Îles

2017 | Making learning active: Attributes of effective active learning scenarios


2013 | What will the student do?