2017-2018 Mini-grant Project

This project aims to develop four Active Learning Activities for CEGEP Mathematics classrooms.

Updates and Project Proposal

Knowledge and Skills Brought to the Project

Lead Project Designer and Facilitator:

  • Angela Smart, PhD-Mathematical Education CEGEP Heritage
    asmart@cegep-heritage.qc.caAngela Smart has a doctorate in Mathematics Education with a specialization in Advanced Mathematics Thinking. She spent six years studying and working at the Pi Lab at the University of Ottawa, which focuses on researching and improving mathematics education from an inquiry stance. Through her work she has developed and supervised the implementation of numerous active learning activities similar to those proposed for this project. She will be lead on the project with the support of two fellow professors who are eager to implement active learning activities in their classrooms and to work alongside the students who are hired to help.

Participating Professors:

  • Guy Beaulieu, PhD Mathematics CEGEP Heritage
  • Paul Elliott-Magwood, PhD Mathematics CEGEP Heritage

Student participants:

  • Ella Jando-Saul,
  • Maria Fraser Semenoff,
  • Etham Solis Sanchez,
  • Soren Van Den Berg,
  • Naomi Milla-Koch,
  • Katie Mills.


Project Leader