Join Linkr a Global Education Network that enables educators to create online classrooms and manage students as they publish content and interact. Linkr helps introduce active learning into classes by connecting educators, students and classes around the world and giving students and teachers increased freedom, control, and opportunity for collaboration.

The SALTISE community has its own dedicated space on Linkr where active learning enthusiasts share ideas, collaborate, and showcase best practices.

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Using linkr to facilitate active learning

Collaborate: Find collaborating teaching partners from all over the world! Let students easily find collaborators for projects, conversations, dialogues, and application of course content.

Explore Dynamic and Fresh Content : Discover a huge range of published content shared by linkr users. Easily introduce interdisciplinary work and international conversations.

Publish: students publish for an interactive audience, their class, or their teacher. Students own their work and can choose visibility of content they share

Create Portfolios : let each student create a personal page and portfolio

Manage Classes: Easily manage collaboration within the class and across classes

Safety and Control : No ads, no data is sold, your students are safe in linkr

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