2013 Mini-grant Project

The purpose of this proposal is to create a compendium of Active Learning Electronic Resources and Tools (ALERTs) and their effective uses in Science Education. This ALERTs compendium would serve as an ideal learning tool by itself. Knowing about existing ALERTs, their capabilities, and their effective use can direct students towards the appropriate tools and resources, and help them conceptualize alternative learning strategies.

Project Proposal

Knowledge and Skills Brought to the Project

The members of the team applying for this mini-grant program have a strong background, knowledge, skills, and complementary expertise that they bring to this project.

Ahmed Ibrahim (Project Lead) is a PhD candidate in Educational Psychology, Learning Science stream at McGill University. Ahmed’s PhD thesis focuses on the relationship between students’ self-efficacy beliefs, and their motivation for Inquiry Learning for science and education students.  Before starting his PhD in Educational Psychology, Ahmed earned his BS in Electrical Engineering, and MSc in Computer Engineering.  During his PhD studies, Ahmed has been involved in different research projects that are related to Inquiry, Active Learning, and the use of technology in education.

Dr. Mark Aulls brings to the project his extensive knowledge of educational theory, the psychology of classroom interaction, and qualitative methods.

Dr. Bruce Shore has a unique background in individual differences in relation to learning and cognition, in research on high ability and expertise.  Dr. Shore is a fellow of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), Associate Director of the Center for the Study of Learning and Performance (CSLP), and Program Director of the MEd in Educational Psychology at McGill University.

Dr. Calvin Kalman is a professor of physics and principal of the Science College at Concordia University.  Dr. Kalman is the author of two books on successful science and engineering teaching, the recipient of a Gold Medal from the Canadian Association of Physicists, and has been honored by his university as an outstanding university-level teacher and scholar in physics who involves his students in AL.