2013 Mini-grant Project

The Chemical Experiment Videos project is a broad concept that highly motivated cinematographer Christian Viel and myself. We wanted to create a series of short videos (1 to 2 minutes each, maximum) of professional quality (in other words, with a clear image, nice light and without polluting noise or other artifacts). However, our original idea of exact content has changed since the submission of the project.

Updates and Project Proposal

Resources Produced

Chem Curious Original Edition

Watch 12 videos from Density to Pennies Composition

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Chem Curious POP Culture Edition 2015 and beyond

Check out more of Yann’s Chem Curious work.

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Knowledge and Skills Brought to the Project

Yann Brouillette is a young motivated chemistry teacher who has been co-hosting the annually acclaimed “Magic Chemistry Show” at Dawson College for the past years. He always enjoys watching quick colour changes, flickering lights and instant smoke production caused by chemical reactions. But for him, the real magic happens when these chemical processes (occurring in the lab, at home or in the movies) can be explained visually.

Christian Viel is a visionary Montreal Filmmaker and editor. From TV commercials to feature films, Mr. Viel as been involved in TV shows, web-series and transmedia experiences. A one-man army, Christian can produce, direct, edit, mix and distribute small to ambitious projects. Before becoming a filmmaker, Christian was a graduate chemist from Université du Québec à Trois-Rivière.


Project Leader