2013 Mini-grant Project

A key element of Active Learning is enabling students to learn at their own pace, with the instructor providing individual assistance only as needed.  The development of learner-friendly software, along with the growing familiarity of students with standard packages, provides a powerful tool to achieve this learning aim.  The present project aims to create learning modules in geographic information system (GIS) software, oriented specifically toward understanding economically, environmentally and socially sustainable international development, to be used by students as self-motivated, self-paced design exercises.

Updates and Project Proposal

Knowledge and Skills Brought to the Project

Marcel Sankeralli (Project Lead) is a physics teacher at Marianopolis College, Montreal (Québec), Canada.  His SALTISE project title is Technical Education in the Promotion of International Development (TEPID), which gives the gist of what the project is about.

Jean-Michel Cohalan is a Geography instructor and International Studies Certificate coordinator at Marianopolis College. His background consists of a B.A. Environment and Development, McGill University School of the Environment; M.A. Geography, McGill (thesis: River Trading in the Peruvian Amazon: Market access and rural livelihoods among rainforest peoples). His expertise: Sustainable Development; Environmental Studies; Human and Physical Geography; Latin America; Social Science Methodology.

(Source: Marianopolis College)