Congratulations to this year’s award winners for the 2017 The SALTISE Best Practices & Pedagogical Innovators Award!

It gives us great pleasure to announce the names of the following instructors who will be presented with the SALTISE Teaching Award for 2017. These individuals were selected from an impressive list of instructors who were nominated by their peers and students. We are delighted that they are part of the SALTISE community and look forward to their continued pedagogical innovations and inspirational mentorship of students and peers alike.


Ann-Louise Davidson, Education (Concordia University)

Ann-Louise is described as an excellent instructor, and internationally recognized scholar, because of her use of innovative pedagogical approaches. In particular, her exemplary use of problem-based learning (PBL) and collaborative learning approaches. Here is a quote from her students: “The mentorship she provides to students and colleagues is inspiring because we deeply feel respected as we grow into engaged researchers. Through her leadership she builds communities of practice with students and teachers, where we become better as we work together on social innovation. She designs pedagogical innovations and technology-based activities using the cutting-edge knowledge she has about experiential learning, maker culture and action-research.”


Michael Dugdale, Physics (John Abbott College)

Michael is described as a leader in promoting student-centered learning and a staunch supporter of his colleagues. Here is a quote from his colleagues: “There are people who preach and people who do. Michael is the undoubtedly the latter… His dedication and constant innovation surrounding pedagogical growth is a model to be followed by those who strive to foster deeper learning in their classroom…His interest in pedagogy is not merely academic, it is driven by a genuine desire to help and teach students as effectively as possible.”  His list of department initiatives and of his pioneering software are impressive: LON-CAPA, DALITE, peerceptive, LateK, GRASP, OCLaRE (future), etc. “The environment in [Michael’s] classroom is lively, friendly, supportive, and interactive. I was truly inspired by [him]…


Karl Laroche, Biology (Vanier College)

Karl is described as an excellent teacher who excels at using active learning approaches and finding solutions to its implementation. Here is what his students wrote: “Although [some] students have been critical of active learning, I have found that no one has perfected this method as much as Mr. Laroche… he has found a remarkable solution… Students who have already taken his class and are familiar with the material, come back as full-time teacher’s assistants… Somehow, on top of all of his responsibilities, in and outside of [teaching], we still feel that our success is at the top of his priority list.”