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SALTISE Newsletter | December 2017

Dear Member,

Can’t believe 2017 is at an end. It’s been a busy 12 months for the SALTISE team. This year, in particular, has been filled with completing existing projects and casting nets for new ones. Most notably we’ve wrapped up, the Entente-Canada Quebec (ECQ) grant that has supported SALTISE and its achievements over the last three years.

This grant has allowed us to achieve many goals including the following: development of the new and improved SALTISE website, which features pedagogical tools and resources; expansion of our research-practice-partnerships, with multiple inter-institutional and inter-order events and collaborations; as evidenced by the exceptional and diverse projects of the SALTISE mini-grants – nine (9) awards in total. Additionally, it promoted our collaborations with multiple partners who supported our Annual Conference in June where, for the first time, we had over 350 attendees from 55 institutions, and over 80 presenters. For that success we acknowledge and thank our host, Concordia University, particularly the Office of the Provost, and Rob Cassidy and the staff at the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL).

The SALTISE team is proud to be part of this incredible network and look forward to continuing the good work of supporting innovation and change in education. These projects, events and participation are testament to the capacity, capabilities and unique spirit of collaboration and partnerships that exist among SALTISE members.

As we look forward to next year, we are excited to announce that we have selected a date for the next SALTISE Conference – May 31st, 2018. The conference will be held in collaboration with  McGill’s eLATE (enhancing Learning and Teaching in Engineering) project, along with their Faculty of Engineering, Teaching and the Learning Services (TLS), and the Faculty of Science. We ask you to “save the date” and stay tuned for more information coming in January.

Lastly, we take this opportunity to thank all the institutions and agencies that have supported us this year. We acknowledge the contributions of our many colleagues who have worked with us on committees and other projects. We sincerely appreciate their countless hours, substantial energy and sharing of talents to help with planning conferences, selecting award winners, writing grant applications, etc. You have demonstrated a deep commitment to SALTISE, and for this we extend a heartfelt THANK YOU!

Our challenge for 2018 will be to find new funding sources to ensure the growth of the organization. We welcome your participation and thoughts. Join us as we move forward on that front.

Wishing you the best for the Holiday Season and the happiest of New Years!




Nine SALTISE Mini-Grants!

We are pleased to present the 9 projects receiving funding from the SALTISE mini-grant competition. These nine awards were selected from 23 submissions, represent 26 faculty and professionals from 6 institutions. We are delighted by the diversity and scope of these projects and look forward to their reports which will be presented on SALTISE website. Additionally, we acknowledge the support of the Vitrine Technologie Éducation (VTÉ) for their contribution to these awards.
  1. Collège de Bois-de-Boulogne
    Daniel Audet, Sonia Gounar, Sylvain Dubé
  2. CEGEP Héritage
    Angela Smart, Guy Beaulieu, Paul Elliott-Magwood
  3. Dawson College
    Jocelyn Parr
  4. Dawson College, McGill University
    Hélène Nadeau, Maria Dikeakos, Rajesh Malik, Silvia d’Apollonia, Sylvia Cox
  5. John Abbott College
    Caroline Viger
  6. John Abbott College
    Liliya Nikolova
  7. LaSalle College
    Julie Anne Roy, Johnathan Mina,Pascale Warmoes, Isabelle Hallée, Geneviève Guay, Pierre-Luc Beauchamp, Ariane Arpin-Delorme
  8. McGill University
    Mark A. Driscoll
  9. McGill University
    Neerusha Baurhoo, Jim Howden
Congratulations to our colleagues and wishing them all success. READ MORE about the projects on the SALTISE website.



The new SALTISE website is not just another pretty site! While we’ve worked hard to make its look aesthetically pleasing, our web development team, LittleBox, has created a robust infrastructure that is allowing us to use our database to generate new pedagogical tools. In particular, we highlight the “Resources” pages. These content are the product of co-design by our research-practice partnership teams.
We briefly explain two features within this part of the website: (1) the Strategies pages (the tool); and, (2) the Activities pages (the curated database).

Strategies pages, can be used to: (1) examine techniques that tell us how to engage students; (2) build new activities based on the strategies; and, (3) explore how others, like yourselves, may have used these strategies successfully and integrated into activities.

Activities pages, begin to: (1) build a framework (a common language, so to speak) to help instructors, at all levels, communicate and share their active learning activities or lessons; (2) curate activities from a variety of disciplines, which might provide others with concrete examples and inspiration for how to create a workable activity that has been tested in real classrooms; and, (3) develop a community of people, like yourselves, who would like to add more engagement in their courses.

These resources are expanding every week so keep returning to the website for more. We invite you to try out the tools and send us your thoughts and suggestions. LINK HERE.




Welcoming our first SALTISE blogger – Louis Normand from Cégep Rosemount. Louis is a Physics instructor and has been a member of SALTISE for many years. Over the last several years he has worked with the CLAAC (Classe d’apprentissage actif) research team and developed a wealth of knowledge about the design and use of Active Learning classrooms; and, the implementation of active learning pedagogies. His insights and articles are well researched and always focused on things we want to know about as college and university instructors. We are pleased to have Louis on our team and encourage you to check out his blog on the website as well as his Facebook page. VISIT BLOG.



2018 SALTISE Conference

Conference: Thursday, May 31, 2018
Venue: McGill University

Thanking our hosts: eLATE, Faculty of Engineering, Teaching and Learning Services and Faculty of Science

Note: post-conference workshops will be held on Friday, June 1st (venue TBA)