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With the semester well on its way, and wild fluctuations in the weather making it difficult to enjoy the winter, we’re delighted to bring some exciting news from the SALTISE community. We’ve got a date for the 7th Annual SALTISE Conference. Join us May 31st for outstanding keynotes and a roster of interesting sessions; and, June 1st for post-conference workshops. This year’s conference will be held at McGill University, in collaboration with the eLATE community (Enhancing Learning and Teaching in Engineering).

Also in this newsletter are announcements about our local communities including the launching of a next generation active learning classroom at Dawson; publications in a special Topic on active learning in the Frontiers online journal featuring several of our colleagues; and, news from our website.

Enjoy the newsletter!



7th Annual SALTISE Conference
Call for proposals is officially OPEN!

Thursday, May 31, 2018
Post conference workshops: Friday, June 1

Disruptive Innovations: Changing Educational LandscapesVenue:
McGill University

Check the SALTISE website for more information about submitting proposals and Conference updates. We accept French and English proposals.




Faculty Learning Communities

Dawson College has a new Active Learning classroom! In addition to providing students with more learner-centred spaces this new classroom features the latest technology that promotes collaboration. The DALC’s postings on the SALTISE website will keep you updated as their community expands its repertoire of active learning pedagogies and best practices in this new classroom.

Pictured above: DALC faculty in a workshop, using  Span software linking together 3 Nureva projectors forming a single canvas.



Active Learning: Theoretical Perspectives, Empirical Studies and Design Profiles

Active Learning: Theoretical Perspectives, Empirical Studies and Design Profiles, this Topic, within the Frontiers online journal platform, has been launched to engage a broad audience of researchers and educational practitioners as a knowledge community with the goal of understanding active learning practices and designs. The Topic allows us to bring together design cases and empirical studies in an ongoing discussion about active learning, with the aim of supporting the growing community of educational practitioners and researchers, that is SALTISE.

We congratulate the authors of our first three articles published under this Topic. Check out these important contributions to the literature on active learning.

Flipped Classroom in Organic Chemistry Has Significant Effect on Students’ Grades

Authors: Caroline Cormier & Bruno Voisard



Use of a social annotation platform for pre-class reading assignments in a flipped introductory physics class

Authors: Kelly Anne Miller, Brian Lukoff, Gary King and Eric Mazur


What Types of Instructional Shifts Do Students Experience? Investigating Active Learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Classes across Key Transition Points from Middle School to the University Level

Authors: Kenneth Akiha, Emilie Brigham, Brian A. Couch, Justin Lewin, Marilyne Stains, MacKenzie R. Stetzer, Erin L. Vinson, and Michelle K. Smith



What’s new on the SALTISE website? Check out the Activities link with over 44 activities designed and used by our colleagues. See the newly added activities in Biology and other disciplines.Coming soon: Activities submitted by our colleagues from Social Science and English.


Sharon Coyle, from Cégep de Sept-Îles, is the latest contributor to the SALTISE Community Blog! She joins Louis Normand, from Cégep Rosemont, who has been adding new posts every 2 weeks. We’re grateful to these bloggers for bringing exciting new ideas and articles to our community!


WinterFest @ Concordia

Concordia’s Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) presents their 6th annual WinterFest 2018 (Jan 26-Feb 16), which brings together professors, instructional designers, educational researchers and others to explore the challenges and the unique opportunities presented by foundational courses. Check out this, and other events of interest to the Community on the SALTISE website