SALTISE 2015 Post-Conference Information
Dear Member,

Thank you to all who attended the 4th annual SALTISE conference! And, congratulations to the winners of the SALTISE “Best Practices & Pedagogical Innovators” awards. Read on for more details.

The 4th Annual Conference was a great success with record attendance, over 200 participants. Responses to our post conference survey show that most everyone enjoyed themselves and found value in the presentations and talks. Of particular mention were the opportunities for intellectual exchange and networking with colleagues.

Here are a few of these comments:

  • “Keep up the good work. This was my second SALTISE conference. I especially appreciated that efforts were made to be more inclusive of non-science based subject matters.”
  • “I think the diversity of the (conference) program was excellent and appreciated the interactive session that I attended. I like panel discussions as they given an opportunity for everyone to be involved.”

Clearly, the SALTISE ideals of bringing educational researchers and practitioners together is meeting a need. With each conference we are getting to know each other better; and, SALTISE, as a community of practice, is the better for these opportunities to share and learn from each other.

Over the next few months the Conference Committee will begin taking on the challenge of planning the next conference, hoping to make it even better. If you are interested in working toward this goal, or if you are interested in working on other SALTISE sponsored committees, please contact us. We welcome your involvement.

Wishing you an enjoyable continuation of the summer vacations!


We have put up a small collection of photos from the conference.  Click here to view.

Please note that over the next month, we will also be posting videos of selected conference presentations.  We will keep you posted!

SALTISE Best Practices & Pedagogical Innovators AWARDS
This year the SALTISE “Best Practices & Pedagogical Innovators Award” was given out to three worthy colleagues – one college level and two university level. As before, the award recognizes educators who stand out as leaders in the promotion of academic excellence, use of innovative pedagogies, and support of their academic communities. We are proud to present these winners along with our Lifetime of Contribution Award recipient. They truly represent the best among us!

This year’s award recipients are:

Rhys Adams, Vanier College
Professor Adams conveys a strong passion for both teaching and for physics.  He has contributed significantly to the development of active learning activities in the classroom and he has become a key player in an international program to train physics teachers in India and China in active learning pedagogies.
Samantha Gruenheid, McGill University
Professor Gruenheid has been a champion of pedagogical change in the Department from the start and has achieved tremendous success in implementing innovative pedagogical approaches.  
Lawrence Chen, McGill University
Professor Chen has been a dedicated professor in the Faculty of Engineering and he has become one of our strongest advocates of active learning and student-centered teaching practices. 
James Slotta, University of Toronto
Professor Slotta was awarded the lifetime of contribution award for his contributions to the learning sciences, and his profound impact on building communities of practice in a true spirit of collaboration. 
Last word:

We are hoping these winners will indulge our request to share some of their “best practices” and “lessons learned”. Their stories are worth reading! Stay tuned and keep a look out for more news on about this on the SALTISE website.