Minister’s Award for “Problem-Based Learning for College Physics”

The CCDMD is proud to announce that it has received an Award from the Minister of Higher Education for a project developed in collaboration with Cégep François-Xavier Garneau. The ceremony was held on September 20, 2018 at the National Assembly in Quebec City.

The authors of 10 new PBL activities for Problem-Based Learning for College Physics, a CCDMD educational resource, were honoured in the category “Matériel complémentaire d’uncours”. Olivier Tardif-Paradis, Mathieu Riopel and Alexandre April, all teachers at Cégep François-Xavier Garneau, designed the 10 new situations by focusing on the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) approach.

The selection committee recognized the excellence of the project, including in terms of its documentation, quality of pedagogical exercises, variety of topics covered, and presentation of the student and teacher guides. It also praised the “accessibility and portability of the material”, which the CCDMD makes available free of charge to all teachers.

The CCDMD would like to congratulate the authors of the new PBLs and everyone who collaborated on the project.

Originally designed by Nathaniel Lasry, a physics teacher at John Abbott College, Problem-Based Learning for College Physics now offers 34 activities covering different basic concepts from the three physics courses in the Science program: Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, and Wave and Modern Physics.

The Awards from the Minister of Higher Education recognize the inventiveness and commitment of individuals in colleges and universities who develop and implement new teaching strategies to better direct students to success. The awards presented under the heading “Matériel didactique” (Educational Materials) recognize the competence of educators who are tasked with the challenging role of creating effective, responsive and innovative educational products. These awards also encourage the production of educational materials in French.

*First picture, from left to right: Cathie Dugas, director of the CCDMD; Alexandre April, Mathieu Riopel and Olivier Tardif-Paradis, physics teachers at Cégep François-Xavier Garneau; Rachel Gravel, director of studies at Cégep François-Xavier Garneau.


(This article originally appeared on the CCDMD website on September 21, 2018. Source: