What is a smart classroom?

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Q & A with Dawson College’s Chris Whittaker

Posted in: eCampus News, August 31, 2018
Written by:  Ellen Ullman

eCampus News spoke with Chris Whittaker, physics professor and coordinator of Dawson’s smart classrooms, about what goes on in a high-tech classroom.

Dawson College in Montreal, Canada has three high-tech “smart classrooms.” These rooms are designed with group tables and interactive whiteboards around the perimeter of the room. Two of the rooms have SMART Board technology while the third, and newest, is an active learning lab with eight Nureva Walls that stretch around the room, providing 56 feet of digital workspace. It is the largest installation of Nureva visual collaboration solutions in a single classroom.

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  1. Way to go Chris! Great advice and great classroom design. Dawson knows how to do this right!

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