Distributed Active Learning Integrated Technology Environment —myDALITE— is a free open-source web-based platform that promotes conceptual learning. Its pedagogical foundations are guided by social learning and based on learning principles and practical know-how.

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SALTISE CourseFlow

SALTISE CourseFlow is an application that allows for an interactive and dynamic instructional design at three levels of pedagogical planning: activity level, course level and program level.

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The aim of the SALTISE Mini-Grant program is to support efforts to develop materials and tools that enrich the students learning experiences and promote the use of active learning instruction at the post-secondary level. Eligible individuals include faculty, instructional designers and professionals; and, post-doctoral and graduate students working with eligible faculty.


Active Learning Classrooms

Active Learning (AL) classrooms are spaces designed to facilitate the implementation of active learning pedagogies by supporting collaboration between students. Often, ALC are technology-rich learning spaces featuring computing devices, installed or brought into the room.

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Visual Classrooms

Visual Classrooms is a discussion-and-collaboration platform that offers learners new ways to engage with peers and instructors. It facilitates active learning pedagogical strategies in face-to-face and virtual online classrooms with tools that increase peer interaction and enable adaptive instruction.

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