How to Access and use the APP

The app is currently a cloud-based tool accessed through a URL:

Copy and paste this URL in your browser. This allows you to use the app just by going to the link, but all documents created are stored on your own personal device. Currently, sharing workflow document(s) is done through some exchange between users (such as emailing the URL file) and not the tool itself.

Opening, sharing & saving files

Important things to remember when using CourseFlow:

  1. Opening – The .xml files created are always opened from the app itself, and not by double clicking on the file.
    • In its current state: you are always using the app from the URL and never download it.
  2. Sharing – Currently, sharing of the workflow document(s) is done through some exchange between users (i.e. email) and not the tool (app) itself.
  3. Saving – Save  your files often – but note:
    • All documents created are stored (saved) on your own personal device.
    • In its current state: it’s sort of like having an old fashioned app, where each “save” creates a unique new file.

CourseFlow Homepage

Once on the CourseFlow homepage, you will see the following icons:

A) New Project icon
B) Open project icon
C) Menu bar – File, Edit, View, Language, Help

New Project

Click on the New Project icon if this is the first time using CourseFlow or if you want to create a new project. If you click on the icon, a New Project page appears (see image below)

  1. Type in a name for your project (e.g. course name)
  2. Click OK

The Project Overview page now displays. Select the level  you wish to create your new project. Example shown here is Courses

  1. Click on +create new (e.g. Courses)
  2. Click on New Course

Once you click on New Course you will be taken to the Course Level Workflow page.

Project Overview Levels

  • Activities – This where you will create an activity/lesson. An Activity/Lesson workflow shows the step by step methodology for creating a classroom activity or lesson.
  • Courses – This where you create an outline /structure of your course. A Course workflow is used to design or represent an entire course by providing the flow of content within a course, intended learning objectives as well as the assessment of the learning (i.e., Outcomes).
  • Programs – A Program workflow is used to design or represent a curriculum
  • Outcomes – Outcomes are used to track your learning objectives or course competencies. They are produced at three levels: Program outcomes, Course outcomes, and Activity outcomes.

Open Project

To open a project, you must already own a project file on your computer.

  1. Click on Open. The CourseFlow will automatically take you to your computer hard drive
  2. Click on the CourseFlow file on your hard drive you wish to edit
  3. Project Overview page appears (see below).
  4. Your file appears under the level it was originally created. Example here – Debates – this file was created at the Course level so it appears under Courses
  5. Click on your file name.
  6. The Course level workflow page appears with the original created content

Further Readings