About Mini-Grants

The aim of the SALTISE Mini-Grant program is to support efforts to develop materials and tools that enrich the students learning experiences and promote the use of active learning instruction at the post-secondary level. Eligible individuals include faculty, instructional designers and professionals; and, post-doctoral and graduate students working with eligible faculty.

The ideal project will see students improve their learning

Up to six (6) mini-grants to candidates from the post-secondary sectors in Quebec exclusively will be awarded.

Grants will be awarded to projects that build or sustain ongoing groups (or individuals looking to build a group) producing activities and technological innovations that promote active learning. The outcome of the ideal project will see students improve their learning through participation in a learning activity or through the use of a learning tool.

Mini-Grants will be funded to a maximum of $2,000 each.

Check out the work of previous Mini-grant winners

Keep in mind what we are looking for…

  1. A “product” that enhances the design, implementation and/or assessment of Active Learning instruction. Projects could include, but not limited to, the development of the following:
    • Materials for active learning activity (and protocols for best use);
    • Prototype (and documentation) of innovative technology;
    • Tools to support the use of instructional software applications or simulations;
    • Tools for effectively assessing learning from active learning instruction.

All products created must be made available freely to the larger community via the SALTISE website.
In addition:

  1. Every 2 months, written progress reports (300 words max – specific template provided) – may be published on the SALTISE website.
  2. Presentation at the upcoming SALTISE Conference
  3. Awardees must present their results (or progress report) at the Annual Conference.
  4. Projects will be eligible for the SALTISE Innovation Award, presented at the Conference.
  5. Workshop and/or presentation at home institution. All awardees must design a workshop and/or presentation to disseminate their findings at their home institution. This presentation should be coordinated with their institution’s professional development office.

Stay tuned for the next SALTISE Mini-grant program offering