2015-2018 Mini-grant Project

The complimentary chemistry course for non-science students entitled Comic Book Chemistry, by its unique nature, requires the production of short experimental videos to serve as class material. The CHEM CURIOUS YouTube channel created with a previously awarded SALTISE mini-grant (2013) will host a new series of educational videos. The POP Culture edition videos will start with a clip from a popular movie depicting an extraordinary feature performed by a protagonist. It will follow-up with a list of common chemicals to be used to replicate the trick in the laboratory, and of course, the demonstration of the chemical experiment.

Updates on this Ongoing Project

Videos Produced

2015: POP Culture Edition vol. 1

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2016: POP Culture Edition vol. 2

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2017: POP Culture Edition vol. 3

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2018: POP Culture Edition vol. 4

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2020: POP Culture Edition vol. 5

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Chemical Experiment Videos

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Knowledge and Skills Brought to the Project

Yann Brouillette obtained his Masters in organic chemistry from Université de Montréal in 2005 and his Ph. D. in organic chemistry from Université de Montpellier in 2008. A chemistry professor at Dawson College since 2009, Yann has been a devoted member of the Active Learning Community, an online pedagogical tool developer as well as an educational researcher.

Quebec regional director of the College Chemistry Canada association, guest-lecturer and creator of the YouTube channel “Chem Curious”, Yann is always looking for new ways to engage students in the learning of science. In January 2014, he created the new complementary course for non-science students entitled “Comic Book Chemistry” where he uses situations depicted in graphic novels to explain basic chemistry. He always enjoys watching quick colour changes, flickering lights and instant smoke production caused by chemical reactions. But for him, the real magic happens when we can explain to others the origin of these chemical changes.

Project Leader