2017-2018 Mini-grant Project

The students will experience authentic research in a fast-growing field. They will learn how to be part of a research team and effectively contribute.

  • They will learn how to communicate complex ideas, both orally and in writing.
  • They will learn how to proceed from a tentative question to a well-designed research question and how to collect and analyze data sets.
  • They will learn patience and persistence in the face of obstacles.

Update and Project Proposal

Knowledge and Skills Brought to the Project

The knowledge and skills you (and your team) bring to this project. Hélène Nadeau has been conducting research in MRI and dMRI for several years and currently holds a FRQS grant. Maria Dikeakos and Silvia d’Apollonia, in addition to long independent experience in research, have developed together an expertise in analysing EEG data from affordable headsets. Rajesh Malik, also a researcher, has a long experience in teaching the Brain and Behaviour class and an extensive knowledge of the pertaining literature. Sylvia Cox is a research associate, with 18 years of research experience, in the team of Professor Marco Leyton, and uses behavioural data as well as MRI, dMRI, fMRI and PET data to study the risk of addiction in youth.

Project Leads