2016 Mini-grant Project

Implementing active learning principles in Environmental Education, through the active participation of students in conceptualizing, planning and implementing environmental projects on campus or in their communities.

Project Proposal

Knowledge and Skills Brought to the Project

Genevieve Aboud (Geography / Social Sciences), gaboud@crcmail.net
Kory Goldberg (Humanities), kgoldberg@crcmail.net
Institution: Champlain College St. Lambert

Both Aboud and Goldberg have been teaching courses on environmental issues for over 7 years.

Aboud holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degrees in geography. Goldberg holds a Bachelor’s degree in anthropology and international development, a Master’s degree in Buddhist Studies, and a PhD in Religious Studies (environmental and educational themes and issues are strong undercurrents in his multiple disciplines).

As two of the founding members of, and active participants in, Champlain College’s Go Green committee, Goldberg and Aboud have volunteered their time in working with faculty, administration, support staff and students to implement concrete projects on campus to diminish its ecological footprint and generate awareness about local and global environmental issues.

These projects have included the conceptualization and implementation of the community garden and compost program, the first phases of the biodiversity garden, waste reduction programs, as well as various on-campus educational campaigns, guest-lectures, film screenings, etc. For a detailed list of past and current activities, visit: (http://www2.champlaincollege.qc.ca/wordpress2/the-go-green-champlain-committee/)


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