2016 Mini-grant Project

We propose to integrate two technologies that encourage students to write their notes in longhand  form  and that  allow  teachers  to  easily  project their  findings  to  a classroom  projector instantaneously.  By  doing  so we  preserve  the  benefits  of  typed classroom  notes  (i.e.  easily transferable) with the advantages of longhand writing (i.e. deep learning).



Using Smartpens to Promote Deeper Learning

Profweb Article

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Knowledge and Skills Brought to the Project

CEGEP teachers for the last 9 years, we are currently full-time teachers at College LaSalleWe teach in at least three different programs/disciplines.

  • Johnathan Mina teaches in Humanities and The Arts, Literature and Communications program.
  • Pascale Warmoes teaches in Special Care Counselling.

As such, our project is inter-disciplinary in nature and is applicable to any program In CEGEPs. 

  • We are enrolled in the Master’s Teachers Program at Sherbrooke University (Education). The courses favour student-based learning approaches.  
  • We are comfortable and familiar with the use of technology in the classroom. Johnathan has implemented the use of a videogame called Portal in his classroom for the past 5 years. ProfWeb published an article about his project at the following link. 
  • We are members of the Community of Practice on Active Learning committee at LaSalle College. You can read the article about our committee on Profweb here.