2015 Mini-grant Project

Students in the 3D space complete course assignments under the guise of their online avatar. Thus, students are  thrown into a job function without knowing which of their classmates is controlling the avatar in front of them. The goal is to discover whether this online tool has merit for immersion and learning as well as to create a virtual presence for Champlain Cont. Ed. and an asynchronous practice space for our students.


Updates and Project Proposal

Resources Used and Developed

Second Life Software

Create interactive 3D content and social experiences.

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SIMS and Immersion Second Life in Special Care Counselling


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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Case Study


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Teaching Through Simulation with Second Life

Profweb article

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Knowledge and Skills Brought to the Project

Greg De Luca: As pedagogical counsellor for the Continuing Education Department of Champlain College St-Lambert, my mandate is to act as an agent of change, to innovate and assure quality in all of our programs, to perform teacher training and to build teaching and learning tools. I possess a master’s in Education, ten years of teaching experience and a good knowledge base in video game design. My current team consists of Laura Malbogat, M.Ed. and professional special care counsellor, along with Shari Levine a professional special care counsellor as well.