The digital tools below have been featured solely based on having been used successfully by members of our SALTISE community. None of the members of the SALTISE executive team have received any forms of compensation, financial or otherwise, from these companies for being displayed on our website. We disclose any connections we have to the developers of the tools, if any.


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Distributed Active Learning Integrated Technology Environment, best known as myDALITE, is a platform that engages learners in the cognitive tasks of self-explanation, comparison and evaluation of peer explanations, and reflection. myDALITE provides instructors with the flexibility to ask questions through polls, to assign questions as homework using any learning management system, or to use a course pack of curated multiple-choice questions.

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Visual Classrooms

Visual Classrooms is an interactive digital whiteboard that allows learners to use multi-media to express diverse ideas and collaborate to solve problems and build projects. This platform can be utilized in face-to-face and virtual learning spaces to increase peer interaction. It also offers embedded analytics for instructors to identify misconceptions and opportunities for ongoing feedback.

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Perusall is a social e-reader intended to manage out-of-class engagement through a platform that allows for collaborative annotating and commenting. Learners improve focus and understanding by helping each other get past confusion by interacting in chat threads linked to annotations and questions. Perusall also offers access for learners to purchase copyrighted textbooks.

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With Moodle, instructors can create flexible online learning environments that are tailored to the needs of each unique classroom. The Course page can be organized to integrate uploaded course materials and collaborative tools such as forums, wikis, chats and blogs. The platform also allows the instructor to manage enrollment, track learner progress and import and export grades.

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