Congratulations to our 2021 award recipients

The SALTISE “Student Award” recognizes students who stand as contributors to the SALTISE community through the promotion of academic excellence, use of innovative pedagogies in their role as Teaching Assistants (TA), Research Assistants (RA), Course Lecturers and other tasks that support and/or are consistent with the goals of the SALTISE community. SALTISE this year is sponsoring 2 post-secondary student awards.

Rebecca Brosseau – McGill University

Rebecca Brosseau has begun a MA degree in the Faculty of Education at McGill. Over the last three years, as an undergrad, she has contributed significantly to supporting the implementation of student-centered pedagogies including assessing their effectiveness and positive impact on student learning. She began this journey as a member of the organizing committee for McGill’s Physics Hackathon, an annual event of the Physics Department Outreach Committee. Her passion for helping students drew her to becoming a TEAM mentor where she worked with Professor Nik Provatas on his implementation of a Flipped Classroom approach. Her contribution in the Introductory Electromagnetism physics course, which has ~600 students, helped to make this implementation a success. At the same time Rebecca worked at Building 21 (B21), a student-driven think-tank at McGill, and supported the Blue Fellows throughout their fellowships. Rebecca has also made contributions to teaching at the faculty level and the broader academic community, including presenting at the SALTISE conference. She is an active member of the SALTISE graduate student interest group (SIG) and has contributed actively to group readings/studies and discussions.

Cynthia Feng – McGill University

Cynthia Feng has recently completed her MSc in the Faculty of Science (Biochemistry). She began her journey as a TEAM peer mentor for the freshman physics course, working for Professor Ken Ragan. Her involvement in student-centered pedagogies deepened when she was selected for the Students as Partners (SaP) in Higher Education Change Institute at McMaster University, part of the OSE project under the guidance of Professor Tamara Western and Director Marcy Slapcoff. Based on this experience, and still an undergraduate, Cynthia continued as a volunteer member of the Working Group on Students and Staff as Partners, the report presented at the SALTISE 2019 conference. She is a founding member of the SciComm Collective, growing out of the Microbiology undergraduate student society.

Cynthia has been involved with the FRezCa (Freshman Residence Cafeteria) initiative almost since its inception: first as a participating student learner, then as an undergraduate mentor, and upon graduation as a member of the administration team. Cynthia has been a key contributor to the creation of a Virtual FRezCa platform. She created a sense of community in an online environment by leading engagement and learning activities in a Virtual Café. As a graduate student, Cynthia became one of the central organizers of the entire FRezCa (Freshman Residence Cafeteria) program and expanded her efforts to support faculty in promoting learner-centered strategies and evidence-based pedagogical practice, on top of conducting her own MSc. research project in Biochemistry. She has been a student fellow at the Office of Science Education since 2019, and most recently involved in the design and implementation of the Virtual FRezCa TA and peer mentoring space. She has been a co-facilitator to SciLearn, McGill’s first Undergraduate Poster Showcase and involved with the BUGS (Biochemistry Undergraduate Society).

Past recipients of the SALTISE Support of Pedagogical Innovation Student Award

2020 – Two Students were awarded at our 2020 Conference: Jasmine Chahal, who completed a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology at McGill University & Franco La Braca, Master’s student in Physics Education at Concordia University

2019 – The SALTISE student award was presented for the first time at the SALTISE 2019 conference to Armin Yazdani, graduate student at McGill University.