The 2021 SALTISE Conference Call for Proposals deadline is fast approaching (March 31st at 6:00pm).

Are you (one of your colleagues, or one of your graduate students) thinking of presenting at the Conference, this year? Will this be your (or their) first time writing a conference proposal? If yes, then we’ve been thinking of a way to help and make the process easier.

Over this last year, in a Covid challenged world, you and others have amassed a wealth of knowledge about the practices of teaching and learning. In gaining these new insights and appreciation of how to use innovative pedagogies including using methods to deepen student engagement, or design courses, you or they may want to share these successes; or, sometimes, what was learned from failures.

We at SALTISE know that the prospect of formally sharing experiences for the first time is sometimes daunting for seasoned practitioners and graduate students alike. Sometimes it’s because you’re not sure what’s expected or need a copy editor. Sometimes, you just need a little encouragement from a friend.

If any of the above applies, let us help you. Members of our community, SALTISE peer mentors, are offering their time to talk through your ideas with you or provide you with feedback from a friendly source, ahead of reviewers.

To take us up on this opportunity, schedule a meeting with a peer mentor by filling out the form below: