Keynote Speakers 2020

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the Keynotes for 2020 will be two outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to the our understanding of what it takes to make Active Learning instruction more effective.

Scott Freeman

Principal Lecturer Emeritus
University of Washington
Author of a seminal meta-analysis on the impact of active learning with unheard of popularity (over 3800 citations). Scott is leading the charge on examining the impact of such innovative pedagogies on different populations of learners, most importantly, the under-represented students. His latest work, currently in press, will be another winner with ground-breaking results that will challenge us to take action.

Kimberly Tanner 

Professor; Director of SEPAL 
Rice University (BA, Biochemistry);
University of California, San Francisco (PhD, Neuroscience)

Leader of the research group SEPAL (Science Education Partnership & Assessment Laboratory), investigating scholarship of teaching and learning. Kimberly’s interest in equity and diversity has led her examination of the current state of assessment and into the designing novel tools that measure learning in new ways.