Health Science

Mock Data Collection and Role Play for Health Disciplines In-Lab Practice

Students play the role of a client in a simulated clinical intervention to provide a more authentic context for lab practice

Mathematics STEM

An Abundance of Bells

Biochemistry STEM

Exam Preparation

STEM Physics Interdisciplinary

How to Write Reading Annotations


5 Senses Lab

Engineering STEM

Interrupted Case Study in Material Engineering


Yeas and Nays: Using Smartphones for Gathering Data

Social Sciences

Summative Assessment: My Diagnosis Assignment

Environmental Science

Sustainability Development Plan (Part 1 and Part 2)


Homophones Talent Show


Activité sur les Homophones


Cercles de Lecture (Reading Circles)

STEM Engineering

Mine Ventilation Design

Applied Arts

Biomimicry Pin-ups

Social Sciences Humanities

Ctrl + Alt + Del: PTSD and Neuroplasticity

STEM Chemistry

Stereochemistry Activity

STEM Biology

Organic Food vs GMOs


Poetic Literary Jeopardy

STEM Engineering

Peerceptiv Peer Assessment

Environmental Science

Geography Video Test

STEM Physics

Engineering Physics IF-AT

STEM Engineering

Problem Set Using Lightboard Video Recordings

STEM Engineering

Engineering Poster Presentations with Peer Assessment

STEM Biology

Experimental Design in Neurobiology