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Health science

Mock Data Collection and Role Play for Health Disciplines In-Lab Practice

Students play the role of a client in a simulated clinical intervention to provide a more authentic context for lab practice

Health science

Rough Draft Workshop: Group Peer Assessment Jigsaw Activity for Case Study or Procedural Writing

Students bring a rough draft of a written group project for peer evaluation and feedback

Health science

DIY Case Building: Reverse Cases for Lung Pathologies

Students build a client "chart" based on a set of basic pathophysiology and contextual elements

STEM Biology

Don't go NUTS: A Case Study on the Physiology of Stress

STEM Physics

Preparation for Future Learning: Electric Flux

STEM Engineering

Interrupted Case Study in Material Engineering

STEM Biology Health science

Case Study: Anophthalmia

STEM Biology Health science

Case Study: Malignant hyperthermia

STEM Biology Health science

Case Study: Dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa

STEM Biology Health science

Case Study: Discovering the Structure of DNA


Yeas and Nays: Using Smartphones for Gathering Data

Social sciences Applied Arts STEM Health science

Solving World Issues One Smartphone at a Time