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PART 2 - Challenges of Assessment

Culturally Sustaining Classroom Assessment

October 22, 2021 | 2:30 - 4:00 PM


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Exploring how classroom formative and summative assessments can better serve diverse and minoritized learners. This webinar will explore a new approach to classroom assessment that takes into account historical and continuing discrimination. This webinar will explore the practical implications of the five design principles that currently make up the CSCA framework:

  1. Use sociopolitical controversies to problematize content in instruction and assessments
  2. Support broad “transfer in” of diverse funds of knowledge and identity via informal assessment of classroom discourse
  3. Curb undue social authority to decenter culturally dominant experiences and ways of knowing
  4. Create opportunities for marginalized students to have authority in formal and informal feedback.
  5. Ensure equitable accountability by holding all students accountable for diverse ways of knowing.


Dan Hickey

Dan Hickey

Professor at Indiana University, Bloomington, Learning Sciences Program

Dan Hickey is also a Research Scientist with the Center for Research on Learning and Technology and teaches in the Certificate in Assessment and Evaluation Methods (Online). He has a Ph.D. in Psychology, from Vanderbilt University, and Postdoctoral Fellowship, from ETS Center for Performance Assessment. His research interests include motivation, assessment, and supporting learning using technological innovations.


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Selma Hamdami,
Cory Legassic, college Professor at Dawson College

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About the Assessment Challenges series

Assessing student learning is a major challenge for teachers, those new to the profession and those well-seasoned in it. As a result of the pandemic and online teaching, many of us were forced to confront the limitations and challenges of the assessments we have been using. Many felt a deep frustration that has been purcortation for years, are our assessments accomplishing the job of truly assessing our students’ knowledge and skills? How might we change, modify, improve our assessments? Can we use assessment to support learning? Are our assessments sensitive to cultural diversity? How do we get to the holy grail of assessing real understanding – aka “transfer of learning”?

This semester (F2021) SALTISE has invited experts whose combined and ongoing work on the topic of assessment will provide important insights from both the research and practice of designing assessments. Our aim is to promote a rich discussion and reflection on the topic, which we hope will provide answers that allow us to move forward to more equitable and effective ways to assess our students’ learning.