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Teaching Through a Pandemic: A Mindset for This Moment – Hundreds of teachers, many of them operating in countries where teach-from-home has been in place for weeks, weigh in on the mental approach you need to stay grounded in this difficult time. By Stephen Merrill, Posted on Edutopia.

Advice to those about to teach online because of the corona-virus – By Dr. Tony Bates, posted on: Online Learning and Distance Education Resources.

This section is intended to help instructors prepare for teaching a fully or mostly online course. Whether you plan to re-think your course for the online space, or adapt existing structures to a virtual format, the following curated materials can help you get started!

LeighAnn Tomaswick (Kent State University) shared a Google doc with hundreds of STEM specific links for online simulations/virtual labs:

Dr. Martin Samuels, Associate Director for Science at Harvard’s Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, has also provided strategies for rethinking science labs:

Feel free to share these resources with anyone you think might benefit!

Prepared by three dedicated Chemistry instructors from Dawson College, Carmen Leung, Yann Brouillette and Nadia Schoonhoven, these 6 at-home labs are resources that instructors can use while we continue to teach online or do blended teaching.
Most of these are applicable to first-year Chemistry courses and designed as alternatives to experiments that would normally be carried out in the college laboratories.

The six At-Home Experiments include:

Students will be able to conduct the experiments on their own, gather and analyze data, and prepare a lab report much like they would if the experiments were carried out in the college labs. The materials needed for the experiments are inexpensive and can be found in local stores. Alternatively, some of the equipment could be loaned to the students from the college, or replaced with kitchen utensils. For example, plastic syringes could be replaced with measuring spoons or cups, and alcohol thermometers could be replaced with digital household thermometers.

Overview – How to move your course online

Gathering Information on Remote Teaching and Learning From McGill University, Teaching and Learning Services

Transition to Online Teaching, Guides and Delivery Options
From Concordia University’s Centre for Teaching and Learning:
– Using Moodle to Facilitate Learning Activities in Moodle

Online Teaching Tutorial – Developed by Dawson Teachers Laurent Duval and Chantale Giguère – This 15 minute multi-media tutorial will introduce you to: Online course development, technology choices, advantages and challenges. Continue to the tutorial 

Teaching Toolkit 

The Dawson Active Learning Community (DALC) and the SALTISE community have developed scripts for teachers who want to engage students actively in an online environment:

Check out these videos to see how members of our community use various technologies to engage their students :

Dawson College eLearning Community of Practice
For more information go to their website.

Top tips for using PhET sims to support online learning
With many schools shifting to online teaching, we wanted to share these recommendations for ways to use our 158 STEM simulations (83 in HTML5) to support your students’ learning.

Online Curation & Social Annotation @ Vanier
Online curation is increasingly recognized as a necessary life-long skill for managing information overload.

Keep Teaching from University of British Columbia – Includes Tips For Quickly Preparing To Teach Online

Discipline-specific Resources for Remote Instruction from McGill University

Emerging Strategies for COVID-19: Discussion & Resource Sharing
STLHE and its Educational Developers Caucus (EDC) have developed a new website with resources to assist learning institutions with a curated list of resources for teaching and assessment online, convenient links to information on well-being, and links to information on responses by learning institutions –

Learning community – Linkr
During this difficult time, linkr can provide you with an easy-to-set-up, engaging and interactive online classroom. Linkr is free, safe, and GDPR compliant and offers your class the possibility of engaging with an international community of online educators and learners.

Innovations – myDalite
A free open-source web-based platform that promotes conceptual learning. Teachers can assign questions as out-of-class homework through any learning management system.