Our Conference Proceedings have Arrived

This year, for the first time, SALTISE decided to produce a Conference Proceedings. Our reasons were twofold: (1) to showcase the diversity of our community; and (2) to shine a light on how far our community has come in promoting the practitioner researcher.

While modest, these Proceedings show where the works/projects from our community can fit into the larger body of research or informed practices of the field. Additionally, we made a point to ask each author to include references for their piece; the purpose was to provide the clear links between research and practice that grounds the work of our practitioners; the exception is the Practitioner Reflections section. As such, your pieces are a place for practitioners to find relevant literature (theory and imperial studies) they can turn to in support of their developing best practices.

We hope these Proceedings will be the first of many and provide new ways to share our developing scholarship. Thanking you again for your interest in SALTISE and looking forward to your future contributions to the community.

Kind regards,
Liz Charles and Michael Dugdale

  SALTISE 2020 Proceedings