Tim Miller

Tim Miller

SALTISE Contributor

Dawson College, Montreal, QC


Education and background
Education and background

MBA, Concordia University, Montreal, QC

B.Sc., Exercise Science Concordia University, Montreal, QC

  • Pedagogy
  • Pedagogical design
  • Hybridization of low tech and high tech AL strategies
  • Multidisciplinary group activities
  • Design Thinking and Active Learning


Designing Solutions for a Better World (365-BWP-DW). The creation and implementation of a new complementary course using Design Thinking and Active Learning SMART certified trainer

  1. Design Thinking and Active Learning
    The project couples Active Learning with Design Thinking. Design Thinking is a problem solving methodology created at the IDEO school of design at Stanford University. This 5 step approach is being widely accepted across many disciplines as a very effective and efficient problem solving technique. The methodology is human centred and forces its users to take on a deeper and more empathetic understanding of the problem thus guiding them to a more feasible, sustainable, and viable solution. In using this methodology and coupling it with various active learning activities (jigsaw, peer instruction, problem based learning, case studies, etc.) the students get their hands dirty by developing a non-profit organization in 5 days. Their ideas and organization get taken to market and are tested at local conferences or institutions for direct feedback. The students then head back to the drawing board to re-define their ideas to better suit their target market.
  2. SMART Certified Trainer
    Becoming a SMART certified trainer was very exciting. The process was enriching and the team of trainers are quite skilled. It is very rewarding to be able to teach others how to use the technology in the active learning space and pedagogy.

SALTISE Innovator Best Practices & Pedagogical Innovators Award for College instructors

SALTISE Conference 2023


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