SALTISE YouTube Policy

It should be noted that all videos and content (text, graphics, images, sound and other files) on the SALTISE YouTube channel are the property of SALTISE. Exemption are video files that have been attributed to someone else other than SALTISE. All videos and materials that have been produced by SALTISE and its partners are protected under the Canadian Copyright Act.

Permission is granted for videos uploaded to the SALTISE YouTube channel to be reposted by using the embedded code or link provided by YouTube. However, videos on the SALTISE youTube channel cannot be copied, downloaded or sold without permission in writing from SALTISE.

SALTISE is not responsible for the comments you post on the SALTISE YouTube channel. Comments are not pre-screened by SALTISE, but we have the right to report or delete content that is viewed as inappropriate or objectionable. For information on YouTube terms of use and guidelines go to or copyright on YouTube