Terms of Use

The SALTISE website is intended as a resource for its members and all who are interested in exploring ways to better implement evidence-based pedagogical practices. The tools, articles, activities, and technologies presented represent the best of our promising practices along with accomplishments and resources produced by our members. All information presented within the website is shared freely and not intended for any monetary gain.

Site Visitor Responsibility

Terms of Use is our guideline to ensure all materials, text, files and videos on the SALTISE website and all content on the SALTISE server is protected by copyright. Though we encourage sharing and adapting the materials on our website we request that everyone respect our licence and will adhere to its stipulations. With this in mind all content on the SALTISE website is covered by the following creative common licence:

CC-BY-NC-SA: Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike

“Anyone is free to share & adapt the work for any non-commercial use, as long as they give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made to the original material. Any derivative works must share the same license as the original material.  (This means that if someone remixes a  work, or makes a new project that uses a work, they must also license that work under a CC-BY-NC-SA license).” (Source: https://creativecommons.org/)

Links (Internal and External)

The SALTISE website contains both internal and external links. Internal links are to content (files, videos) that are located on the SALTISE server and therefore the responsibility of SALTISE.  SALTISE is not responsible for the content and/or privacy standards on external web links.


Logos and Trademarks

The SALTISE name, its logo and other symbols are the sole property of SALTISE. Logos of other organizations that appear on the SALTISE site are the property of the respective organisations. SALTISE has been granted permission to display these logos and cannot grant permission to a 3rd parties to use logos or trademarks of other organisations.

Submission Responsibility

It is your responsibility to ensure you have permission to submit a specific material (i.e. documents, videos) – either you are the creator, or you have permission by copyright licence agreement (i.e. creative commons, public domain) or you have permission from the owner. SALTISE will not seek permission on your behalf.

Age Requirement

All users of SALTISE website content should be the age of majority in the location.

List of Useful Links

Understanding copyright and its implications is important. Below are a list of various sites on copyright that we hope will be helpful.

Videos on Copyright