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Gray scale photo of gears
Physics STEM

Mechanics in Motion: Iterative GIF Creation

In groups, students create GIFs to demonstrate and explain how mechanic principles apply in real-life scenarios.

Health science

The Heart of the Matter: Exploring Exercise in Cardiac Disease

Before class, students read an article and gather 5 elements. In class, they "pool" findings and sort into categories.


Nature of Science Ice-Breaker

A first class ice-breaker activity introducing the nature of science.

Health science

COPD Pathophysiology: Construct One Patient Description

Create a clinical presentation for a COPD patient, linked to pathophysiology & differentiated from other COPD conditions

Health science STEM

Data Mining and Sorting: Scaffolding the Exploration of Scientific Articles

The purpose of this activity is to deepen students' understanding of cardiac pathophysiology

Health science Interdisciplinary

Role Reveal 201: Exploring Interdisciplinary Collaboration

In teams, students from each discipline complete a patient interview then contrast their approaches.

Health science Interdisciplinary

Cross-Disciplinary Synergy 101: Uniting Expertise for Success

In teams, students interact, share information on their profession, and create cases where each discipline is needed

Health science Interdisciplinary

Team Dynamics Rx (Part 2): Motivating Change For Better Health

In teams, students learn through role play to effectively motivate a client to want to change

Health science Interdisciplinary

Team Dynamics Rx (Part 1): Building Trust for Better Patient Outcomes

In teams, students learn through role play to effectively work together as a team and to build trust with a patient

Health science Interdisciplinary

Collaborative VeinVentures: Mastering Blood Draws Together

In teams, students read through a script, role play drawing blood, and discuss issues that arise between professions

Health science

PharmaPuzzle Relay Race: Match the Meds and Win!

In this fast-paced relay, teams match categories of information to finish first and win the game

Health science Biology

Family Matters : Inclusive Genetics Pedigree

In teams, students will build a pedigree chart and determine inheritance patterns using inclusive pedigree practices.


Crash Course: Collision Theory

Students use PhET simulation to learn how factors affect reaction rate (collision theory) through hands-on activities

Health science

Mock Data Collection and Role Play for Health Disciplines In-Lab Practice

Students play the role of a client in a simulated clinical intervention to provide a more authentic context for lab practice

Health science

Rough Draft Workshop: Group Peer Assessment Jigsaw Activity for Case Study or Procedural Writing

Students bring a rough draft of a written group project for peer evaluation and feedback

Health science

DIY Case Building: Reverse Cases for Lung Pathologies

Students build a client "chart" based on a set of basic pathophysiology and contextual elements

Health science

Communicable Puzzles: Children’s Most Common Infectious Diseases

Using the Jigsaw strategy, students become an “expert” for one communicable disease through self-directed research.

Chemistry Biology

To Pass or Not to Pass: Acting out membrane transport

Physics STEM

Card Sorting Activities for Mechanics

Physics STEM

Real-World Physics: Mini Video Projects

Physics STEM

Controversy in the Science Classroom: Nature of Science Quiz

Biology STEM

Don’t go NUTS: A Case Study on the Physiology of Stress

Biology STEM

Feeling Feverish: Homeostasis of Pyrexia

STEM Biology Social sciences

Peerwise Assignment: Human Body