Nature of Science Ice-Breaker

A first class ice-breaker activity introducing the nature of science.

Health science

COPD Pathophysiology: Construct One Patient Description

Create a clinical presentation for a COPD patient, linked to pathophysiology & differentiated from other COPD conditions

Psychology Social sciences

Who Are You? A Multidimensional Examination of Self-Concept

Students investigate their self-concept, compare it with classmates and assess the differences between self/social perception

Psychology Social sciences

Love at first Insight: Crafting Dating Profiles for Therapeutic Techniques

Students create a dating profile that highlights the key feature of the major Abnormality Models in Psychology

Psychology Social sciences

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in the Workplace

In groups, students explore Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in its application to workplace scenarios

Health science Interdisciplinary

Cross-Disciplinary Synergy 201: Uniting Expertise for Success

In teams, students write questions from each discipline in order to provide a successful patient intervention

Health science Interdisciplinary

Cross-Disciplinary Synergy 101: Uniting Expertise for Success

In teams, students interact, share information on their profession, and create cases where each discipline is needed

Health science Interdisciplinary

Team Dynamics Rx (Part 2): Motivating Change For Better Health

In teams, students learn through role play to effectively motivate a client to want to change

Health science Interdisciplinary

Team Dynamics Rx (Part 1): Building Trust for Better Patient Outcomes

In teams, students learn through role play to effectively work together as a team and to build trust with a patient

Health science Interdisciplinary

Collaborative VeinVentures: Mastering Blood Draws Together

In teams, students read through a script, role play drawing blood, and discuss issues that arise between professions

Health science

PharmaPuzzle Relay Race: Match the Meds and Win!

In this fast-paced relay, teams match categories of information to finish first and win the game

Health science Biology

Family Matters : Inclusive Genetics Pedigree

In teams, students will build a pedigree chart and determine inheritance patterns using inclusive pedigree practices.

Interdisciplinary Languages

It’s All in the Delivery: 6 Rounds to Effective Presentation

Groups of students orally present a poem six times, focusing on six key aspect of effective oral presentations


Crash Course: Collision Theory

Students use PhET simulation to learn how factors affect reaction rate (collision theory) through hands-on activities

Health science

Rough Draft Workshop: Group Peer Assessment Jigsaw Activity for Case Study or Procedural Writing

Students bring a rough draft of a written group project for peer evaluation and feedback

Health science

Communicable puzzles: children’s most common infectious diseases

Using the Jigsaw strategy, students become an “expert” for one communicable disease through self-directed research.

Chemistry Biology

To Pass or Not to Pass: Acting out membrane transport

Physics STEM

Card Sorting Activities for Mechanics

Physics STEM

Real-World Physics: Mini Video Projects

Physics STEM

Controversy in the Science Classroom: Nature of Science Quiz

Biology STEM

Don’t go NUTS: A Case Study on the Physiology of Stress

Biology STEM

Feeling Feverish: Homeostasis of Pyrexia


Low Stakes Debate


Categorizing for Review