Health science

The Heart of the Matter: Exploring Exercise in Cardiac Disease

Before class, students read an article and gather 5 elements. In class, they "pool" findings and sort into categories.


Nature of Science Ice-Breaker

A first class ice-breaker activity introducing the nature of science.

Interdisciplinary Health science

Cross-Disciplinary Synergy 201: Uniting Expertise for Success

In teams, students write questions from each discipline in order to provide a successful patient intervention

Interdisciplinary Health science

Cross-Disciplinary Synergy 101: Uniting Expertise for Success

In teams, students interact, share information on their profession, and create cases where each discipline is needed


Crash Course: Collision Theory

Students use PhET simulation to learn how factors affect reaction rate (collision theory) through hands-on activities

Biology Chemistry

To Pass or Not to Pass: Acting out membrane transport

STEM Physics

Controversy in the Science Classroom: Nature of Science Quiz

STEM Biology

Don’t go NUTS: A Case Study on the Physiology of Stress

STEM Biology

Feeling Feverish: Homeostasis of Pyrexia

STEM Physics

Preparation for Future Learning: Electric Flux

STEM Mathematics

An Abundance of Bells

STEM Biochemistry

Blended Learning

Interdisciplinary STEM Physics

How to Write Reading Annotations

Environmental science

Instructional Survey

STEM Health science

Harvard Implicit Bias Test

Social sciences

In-Class Think Pieces: Course Pack

Languages General

Vénus d’Ille: Police Enquiry

STEM Biology

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard

Social sciences

Durkheim Suicide: Functionalist and Conflict Theory

Environmental science

Sustainability Development Plan (Part 1 and Part 2)

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Rédaction d’un Paragraphe de Texte Expressif


Let’s Role Play the French Revolution!

STEM Biology

Disappearing Sea Otters


Rhetorical Strategies