Social sciences Psychology

More Than One Way to Cook an Egg: Exploring Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Teams explore Gardner's Theory, present one component, summarize presentation content, and conduct a self-assessment.

Biology Health science

Family Matters : Inclusive Genetics Pedigree

In teams, students will build a pedigree chart and determine inheritance patterns using inclusive pedigree practices.

Health science

Rough Draft Workshop: Group Peer Assessment Jigsaw Activity for Case Study or Procedural Writing

Students bring a rough draft of a written group project for peer evaluation and feedback

Health science

Communicable Puzzles: Children’s Most Common Infectious Diseases

Using the Jigsaw strategy, students become an “expert” for one communicable disease through self-directed research.

STEM Biology

Don’t go NUTS: A Case Study on the Physiology of Stress

STEM Biology

Feeling Feverish: Homeostasis of Pyrexia

Social sciences Humanities

Can I Use the Internet?

Social sciences

Gender Socialization throughout the Life Course

Social sciences Applied arts STEM Health science

Solving World Issues One Smartphone at a Time


Let’s Role Play the French Revolution!


Cercles de Lecture (Reading Circles)


Rhetorical Strategies

Social sciences

Understanding Terminology Using Jigsaw

STEM Physics

Forget the Math! Draw pictures to learn the wave theory of light

Environmental science

Jigsaw Geography Presentation

Social sciences

Teacher for a Day: Defining a Definition

STEM Biology

Protein Separation

STEM Biology

Homeostasis: Mapping the Endocrine System

STEM Physics

Forces Scavenger Hunt

STEM Chemistry

Explosives Detective

STEM Health science

Muscle Videos

STEM Physics

Home Wiring