Artificial Intelligence and Academic Integrity: Offloading or Overloading?

This webinar took place on December 1st, 2023

In this second webinar on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and academic integrity, we welcome Joel Trudeau and Robert Stephens who join our previous panellists, Brian Smith and John Paul Foxe. Since 2019, Trudeau, Stephens, and their Dawson College colleagues have been preparing for the generative AI explosion through the creation of the College’s AI initiative, a type of “think tank”. In this webinar, Trudeau and Stephens join Smith and Foxe to address some of the challenges identified in the first webinar. Starting with the question of offloading vs. overloading, the panel presents a principled roadmap for identifying considerations and preparing for the firehose of changes that is to come. This includes a discussion of the knowledge and skills that students must learn vs what can be off-loaded (and when), as well as implications for assessment. Lastly, the panel presents some of the ways that AI tools, such as ChatGPT, are currently being used in both the local initiative at Dawson, and at the other institutions, including Boston College and Concordia University. NOTE: To engage fully in the upcoming conversations, we encourage you to click here and check out webinar #1 (presented Oct 20th), if you haven’t already done so. In that session, Dr. Smith and Dr. Foxe provide an excellent primer on the history of AI and a clear description of issues involved in academic integrity.

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Joel Trudeau, Robert Stephens, Brian Smith and John Paul Foxe

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