CEGEP to University Transition:New CEGEP Science Program - Chemistry Discussion - Summit Jan 10th, 2022

This is the recording from the Chemistry breakout room.

In curricular reform, careful consideration should be paid to the impact change has on students who typically move from one level to the next of the educational system. In the Province of Quebec, such alignment of curriculum and understanding of its impact is particularly important between the colleges (Cégep) and universities. With a new Science Program reality we recognize that university instructors may not be aware of the coming changes. Doubtlessly, these changes will generate questions, and some concerns, regarding the alignment of content of existing university courses and how closely the next generation of college students will be prepared for them.
This workshop opens a dialogue on this topic and provide an opportunity for both college and university Science instructors to discuss whether or not these changes might require a new alignment between the two levels. In particular, we discuss questions as:

  • What are the discipline specific opportunities and challenges associated with the new CEGEP program?
  • How might university programs have to adapt to meet the needs of future CEGEP graduates?
  • Within this new program framework, how can CEGEPs ensure their students transition successfully to the next stage of post-secondary education?

In this workshop we address:

  • The main features of the new program and key differences with respect to the old version
  • Intradisciplinary discussions about specific opportunities and challenges the new program poses for university programs
  • A careful look at how we can better align our CEGEP and university courses to address the transition between both institutions
  • Bridging theory and practice through the use of inquiry-based labs
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