Announcing the Winter 2019 SALTISE Mini-Grant Winners

SALTISE/S4 – Acknowledgements 

– Entente Canada Quebec (ECQ) grant
– Supporting Active Learning & Technological Innovation in Studies of Education/S4

Executive Committee

SATLISE Co-Directors – Elizabeth S. Charles and Nathaniel Lasry

Selection Committee

Carol Hawthorne, Concordia University; Pascale Blanc, Vitrine technologie éducation (VTÉ); Maria Orjuela-Laverde, McGill University; Jennifer Mitchell, Vanier College; Azra Khan, Dawson College

And the Winter 2019 Winners are…

Labatorials – A Conceptually Driven Approach to Introductory Physics Labs

Franco La Braca, Concordia University

The project being undertaken aims to compare and understand the differences between traditional introductory physics laboratories and a recent approach known as labatorials.

A DIY lightboard to create engaging educational videos

Stefan Bracher, Vanier College

The scope of this project is to provide teachers with a light-board – a tool to record quality educational videos  – in which the teacher can write on a transparent board to produce educational videos, give workshops, and allow access to other teachers interested in using this tool.

Using Lego Bricks in an Active Learning Approach to Teaching Introductory Stereochemistry

Roby Butt, Marianopolis College

This project will adopt an Active Learning approach using Lego Bricks to aid students in the 3D aspects of Stereochemistry. The intention is to use Lego Bricks in the classroom, in a series of guided Active Learning activities to bridge this gap.

Smart online assistant: Machine Learning to Grasp the Student as a Tool to Individualize Learning

Michael Hilke, McGill University 

The goal of this project is to better individualize the student learning environment, particularly in large classes, by identifying the learning characteristics of every student at the individual level.

Creating interdisciplinary videos using light boards

Lori Jinbachian, Marianopolis College

The goal of this project is to  build our own light-board studio that teachers from multiple disciplines will use not only to support active learning in their own classrooms, but also to collaborate in the creation of interdisciplinary videos explaining a topic from their respective discipline perspective.

Inter-professional Medical Education: Using video to help students learn with, from, and about each other

Tim Miller, Dawson College

The overview of the project is to use video documentation to help the students within the six programs learn more about each other and the other professions.

Developing artifacts to enhance metacognitive skills in the classroom

Nathaniel Quitoriano, McGill University

In this project the team and a hired graduate student will develop evidence-based metacognitive, student- and instructor-centred materials to help undergraduates identify the different learning levels, what level they are expected to perform at, and understand the characteristics of learning at different levels.

Eduscape Class: Breaking into active learning

Shelagh Robinson, Dawson College

The project will focus on the construction of a game-based learning template that is adaptable to different college classes, languages, knowledge levels and special needs.