Dear Member,
SALTISE is pleased to announce that its 2016 Conference will be held on
June 3, 2016 at
Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) The theme of this year’s event is
“Designing Instruction for Learning:
Blending pedagogy, technology and space”
Mark your calendars and make plans to attend. Information on registration and conference keynote speakers will be sent in March.
Call for Conference Presentation Proposals

NOW OPENFor full details on the call for proposals and to submit:  

SALTISE wants to hear from those who have begun to use innovative pedagogies and technologies in their instruction as well as those who have been conducting research in the field of education, learning sciences, educational technology, etc. The Conference Committee looks forward to receiving your submissions.  They welcome proposals from individuals or groups, in either French or English.Submission deadline: Monday April 4th, 2016
Decision announced: Two weeks following the submission deadline
2016 Mini-Grant Award Recipients

In the spirit of fostering our community of practice through collaborations between and across the network of colleges and universities, the Selection Committee awarded a record 10 mini-grants.  Recipients represent the diversity of our community, coming from nine institutions, including college and university.  The recipients include both individuals as well as teams. This year we break new ground with an inter-institutional grant (between McGill and Dawson), a research/practitioner grant award to our a network partner (Cégep à distance), and a departmental award with seven instructors (Marianopolis Physics Department). We congratulate all of our winners.News on the progress of these projects will be on the SALTISE website. In addition, results from these initiatives will be presented at the 5th Annual SALTISE Conference on June 3rd, 2016.

Mini-Grants Selection Committee:  Rob Cassidy (Dawson), Silvia d’Apollonia (Dawson), Kaila Folinsbee (Dawson), Kevin Lenton (Vanier), Maria Orjuela-Laverde (McGill), Jim Sparks (Champlain)

Dawson College
Yann Brouillette
“Chem Curious POP Culture Videos”
Production of ten (10) CHEM CURIOUS short chemical videos (a second collection) to illustrate a series of basic (and more complex) chemical processes.
John Abbott College College
Matt Hill
Business Administration
“Incorporating Google for Education and Google Expedition Pioneer”
Implementation of Google for Education & the new Google Expedition Pioneer program, including how to use tablets in a Business Administration course.  
John Abbott College College
Jean-Michel Sotiron
“Debate-Induced Active Learning (DIAL) Kit”
Production of a Debate-Induced Active Learning (DIAL) kit to support students’ skills and knowledge of concepts related to debating in their discipline.
Vanier College
Edward Awad
“Interactive Videos in Biology Flipped Instruction”
Production of videos, as part of a flipped classroom approach, in a General Biology course. 
Cégep à distance
Stéphanie Facchin, Team Administrator
Evelyne Abran & Simon Brien
Research and Educational Advising
Experimentation on the effectiveness of types of feedback (audio or video) in an online course.  
Cégep Andre Laurendeau
Caroline Cormier & Véronique Turcotte
“Enrichment of a web-based  educational  video  bank  in chemistry  for  flipped classroom”

Production of videos for a General Chemistry course, adding to their database of videos for their Flipped Classroom approach (topics: redox  reactions  and  thermodynamics). 
Champlain College
Genvieve Aboud & Kordy Goldberg
Environmental Studies
“Implementing Active Learning Principles in Environmental Education”
Implementation of active learning principles in an Environmental Education course.
Marianolpolis College
Baharak Fatholahzadeh, Team Administrator
Rachel Faust, Andrew Lefcoe, Dominique Paradis, Margaret Livingstone & Patrick Rogers 
“Flipped Classroom for Physics”
Implementation of active learning pedagogies at the level of the Physics Department.


McGill University and Dawson College 
Maria Orjuela-Laverde (McGill) & Robert Cassidy (Dawson)
Professional Development
“Promoting peer observation and self-reflection through 360 degree instructional videos”
Production of enhanced technology videos (360 degree perspectives) as a professional development tool to enhance instructional strategies of university and college professors. 


LaSalle College
Pascale Warmoes and Johnathan Mina
“Integrating SMART pens in the Classroom: Cursive writing in the digital age”
Integration of writing technologies (Equil SMART pen 2) to support handwritten note taking, which can be incorporated through projection into whole-class activities.

In addition to our 5th Annual SALTISE Conference, this summer offers a host of opportunities for you to learn from our national and international community of educators. Below we list some of the many wonderful conferences and workshop possibilities.
Hope to see you there!

June 8 -10, 2016
36th AQPC symposium, in Québec City (Centre des congrès).
This year’s theme is Competence, Culture and Citizenship.
The AQPC annual symposium brings together over 1200 college-level faculty and professionals for a packed 3-day event featuring 120 workshops. While the majority  of these are French, AQPC has worked tirelessly to include our English colleges and now boast at least two papers in English for each workshop session; and, several of the larger presentations with simultaneous translation. 

June 13-17th, 2016
2016 Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) Congress in Ottawa, ON (University of Ottawa)
The 2016 CAP Congress is being hosted by the University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON), June 13-17, 2016 (IPP, CINP, and CAP Council meetings will be held on Sunday June 12). This Congress is an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the achievements of physicists in Canada and abroad. Mark your calendars and bookmark the main Congress web site for easy access to updates and program information.

June 20-24th, 2016
12th International Conference of the Learning Sciences, hosted at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore
Conference theme: Transforming Learning, Empowering Learners
The conference theme “Transforming Learning, Empowering Learners” brings our educational gaze back to the commitment of the learning sciences to provide a more insightful understanding of how people learn. This long-standing commitment extends our research focus to student learning and the design of pedagogical interventions and learning environments to enable our learners to acquire a kind of learning that empowers them to design their social futures as they participate in the competitive global economy.
June 20th, 2016 
ICLS:  Design-Based Implementation Research (DBIR), Singapore
As part of the International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS), hosted at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore, Design-Based Implementation Research (DBIR) workshop.  DBIR is an approach to organizing educational research and development so that new programs and innovations can be effectve, scalable and sustainable. In other words, this appoach moves us beyond the mere knowing that a program or innovation works, and begins the process of how we institutionalize true change. If this has peaked your interest, then take a look at this workshop opportunity that is part of the pre-conference events for the upcoming ICLS conference.