SALTISE Community Newsletter
Vol. 2 No. 3, October 2014
Photo by: Sarah Mostafa-Kamel


Dear Member,

We hope you’ve had a great start to the fall! We are pleased to be sending you our latest SALTISE newsletter! We are already busy planning ahead to the 4th annual SALTISE conference in spring 2015. We will keep you posted.

As we move forward with our building of the SALTISE community we wish to get your feedback on both the 3rd Annual Conference as well as your thoughts on what we might organize in the future. With this, we’ve prepared a brief survey and greatly appreciate your time filling it in. Thanking you in advance. Here’s the link: survey

Best wishes,
The SALTISE team


Reporting on the June Conference

Our 3rd annual SALTISE conference, “Bridging knowing how with knowing why: Scaling the ladder of practical knowledge and pedagogical theory,” which took place on June 12th 2014 was an incredible success. The entire day had a great buzz with rich discussion among participants both at lunch and even in the hallways. In total there were over 30 presentations (accounting for 70 authors) and over 200 attendees.

The SALTISE Organizing Committee wishes to especially thank our keynotes, Dr. Carl Bereiter and Dr. Noah Finkelstein. Additionally, our invited speakers who traveled from the US, from Ontario and from within Quebec – Dr. Chandra Turpen (U of Maryland), Dr. Jim Slotta (OISE, UofT), Dr. Yves Maufette (UQUAM) & Dr. Calvin Kalman (Concordia). We’d also like to extend much appreciation to our colleagues who presented sessions throughout the day. Your talks were stimulating and inspiring. There has been much positive feedback on your presentations!

The SALTISE website is now featuring videos and excerpts from the conference. If you missed the conference, you can catch a glimpse of the atmosphere with photos, and download some of the presentations at

Thanks once again to all sponsors & partners – Pearson Publishing (, AYVA Educational Solutions (, AQPC (, SMART Technology ( & Steelcase Education (

And, to the Dawson staff, and the student volunteers from McGill and Concordia, your contributions and dedication made this year’s conference a success, once again.

Thank you one and all!!!

Member’s News 

Raymond-Gervais Award

Nathaniel Lasry from John Abbott College won the Raymond-Gervais Award 2013-14 from the Association pour l’enseignement de la science et de la technologie au Québec (AESTQ) for the collegial/university category. Congratulations Nathaniel!

Awards presented at the SALTISE 2014 Conference:

Sylvia d’Apollonia, Dawson College, wins two awards at SALTISE: (1) the AYVA & Pearson Pedagogical Innovation and Best Practices Award; and, (2) one of the three “Best Practices” awards. 

Other winners of the “Best Practices” awards:
  • Kevin Lenton, Vanier College (SALTISE Best Practices)
  • Sean Hughes, John Abbott College (SALTISE Best Practices)

Congrats to them all!!!

Silvia d’Apollonia accepting her awards, June 2014.

SALTISE member talks at Montreal “Comic Con”:

Yann Brouillette of the Chemistry Department at Dawson gave a 45 min. talk at the most recent “Comic Con”, in Montreal, September 13th. Over 300 people attended this entertaining and scientific presentation on Comic book Chemistry: Science vs Superheroes & Villains where he introduced his Canadian Super Hero character. Yann will be giving a repeat performance of this talk at “Comic Con” in Quebec City, on Oct. 25 & 26th.

Illustration by Donald Caron the canadian comic book series Heroes of the North. 

SALTISE takes over “Physics in Canada”:

The recent Physics in Canada, vol. 70(2), features Dawson’s active learning classroom on the cover. More importantly, it features 6 articles from nearly a dozen of our SALTISE members:

  • Chris Whittaker & Elizabeth S. Charles –  The 21st Century Physics Classroom.
  • Elizabeth S. Charles, Nathaniel Lasry & Chris Whittaker – SALTISE: Bringing pedagogical innovations into the physics classroom.
  • Kevin Lenton & Rhys Adams – Student-generated Videos in the Physics Classroom.
  • Rhys Adams & Lawrence R. Chen – Photonics Research in the College Physics Classroom – A college & university collaboration.
  • Tatiana Antimirova, Calvin Kalman & Nathaniel Lasry, Recent Developments in Physics Education in Canada.
  • Xihui Wang & Calvin Kalman – Improving the way students understand their knowledge in physics.

We hope you can pick up a copy and take a read. Or better yet, ask your departments, sectors and respective institutions to buy copies. That way we get the word out about SALTISE as well as the great work that our members are doing both at the college and university levels.

Other recent publications by SALTISE members:

  • Lasry, N., J. Guillemette, and E. Mazur, Two steps forward, one step back. Nature Physics, 2014. 10(6): p. 402-403.
  • Lasry, N., E. Charles, and C. Whittaker, When teacher-centered instructors are assigned to student-centered classrooms. Physical Review Special Topics-Physics Education Research, 2014. 10(1).
  • Lasry, N., M. Dugdale, and E. Charles, Zut! J’ai renversé ma pédagogie… Pédagogie Collégiale, 2014. 27(3): p. 6.

Upcoming Events for Fall 2014 

Free Online VTE Laboratory on Open Badges

Christophe Reverd and Alexandre Enkerli
Learning Technology Advisors, Vitrine technologie-éducation

Following his presentation at the SALTISE conference this past June, Christopher Reverd would like to take the opportunity to introduce the Vitrine Technology Education’s (VTE) forthcoming free online VTE Laboratories on Open Badges in Education. The laboratory in English was created in collaboration with Ashoka Canada and the Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment (CAPLA), and includes researchers and experts from the Canadian west coast and the USA. Information for both the English and French labs are online, with (free) registration open in both cases.

The lab in French begins October 15, 2014:

The lab in English begins October 23, 2014:

Dawson’s Ped Day 2014

Dawson College will be hosting its annual Ped Day on October 17th 2014 for all Faculty and Staff. This full day will feature a keynote address, as well as a rich variety of workshops, presentations and panel discussions built around teachers’ interests and suggestions.

This year’s keynote address will be delivered by Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, EdD, a renowned neuroscientist and human development psychologist. Dr. Immordino-Yang’s work explores the impact of social emotion, self-awareness and culture on learning, development and the brain. For more information and to register, please visit the following website:

News from the network

News from Dawson’s Research Office report by Kaila Folinsbee 

Coordinator of Research, Office of Instructional Development, Dawson College
Who we are and what we do
The Research Office in the Office of Instructional Development at Dawson College helps researchers develop their research projects, identify and liaise with collaborators and partner organizations, prepare grant proposals, and administer their external funding. We’re also involved in planning and developing strategies to grow and support research at the College.
If you have questions about research at Dawson, would like to learn more about external and internal funding opportunities, or would like to chat about your research ideas, please contact us:

Ongoing pedagogy-focused research projects

  • Silvia d’Apollonia is wrapping up her PAREA funded project “Learners, not Lurkers: Connecting Conceptual and Social Networks in Science Education.” Dr. d’Apollonia and her team have spent the past four years looking at the factors that encourage teachers to adopt and use web 2.0 tools in teaching. In addition, they investigated student interactions in the social network and the influence of web 2.0 tools on learning.

New pedagogy-focused research projects funded in 2014
1) Dawson researchers were awarded two PAREA grants this year:

  • Elizabeth Charles & Chris Whittaker (Dawson), Kevin Lenton (Vanier College), and Nathaniel Lasry & Michael Dugdale (John Abbott College) were awarded a three year grant on “Écosystème Pédagogique et Artéfacts Épistémiques.” This project will allow us to greatly improve the quality of learning in our Active Learning Classrooms by providing guidelines for the design of coherent AL curricula that better support collaborative as well as individual learning.
  • Laure Galipeau, Catherine Soleil (French) and Effie Konstantinopolous (AccessAbility Centre) were awarded a three year grant for their project “Impact des applications de la conception universelle de l’apprentissage sur le français écrit en FLS”. This project will assess how universal design concepts affect learning by students in French as a second language courses.

2) The ADAPTECH research network, led by Catherine Fichten, was awarded two large grants this year. Dr. Fichten received a grant from the FRQSC Réussite scolaires program for her project “Les perspectives des étudiants et des professeurs sur l’excellence dans l’utilisation des TIC et du cyberapprentissage au collégial”. This project will evaluate which types of ICTs work well to support student achievement and engagement for which students and instructors under what circumstances, and to ascertain the facilitators and the obstacles to using ICTs effectively by instructors and students. She is also a co-applicant with the CSLP at Concordia University on the project “Centre d’études sur l’apprentissage et la performance”.

For more information on these projects, or in potential collaborations with Dawson researchers, please contact the Office of Research

FYI: upcoming grant deadlines

  • Programme d’aide à la recherche sur l’enseignement et l’apprentissage (PAREA): ~ Jan. 2015
  • FRQSC: Programme de recherche sur l’écriture et la lecture (PREL) : ~ May 2015
  • Programme de recherche sur la persévérance et la réussite scolaires (PRPRS): ~ May 2015

Teaching and Learning Services’ (TLS) Higher Education Blog report by Maria Orjuela-Laverde

Academic Associate – Pedagogical Coordinator Faculty of Engineering, Teaching and Learning Services, McGill University
Adam Finkelstein, Educational Developer at Teaching and Learning Services at McGill University has been developing a blog addressing teaching and learning in higher education. The blog is hosted by McGill University’s Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) and features posts by their staff and many of the instructors and students they collaborate with. TLS works to promote the importance of teaching and learning, and achieves this through university-wide initiatives, program specific projects, and a lot of face-to-face meetings. Now the time has come to try something different: to start a larger conversation about teaching and learning within the blogosphere. Would you like to share an experience, a resource or an opinion about teaching and learning? If so, please see the new blog at: 

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