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Three Tips to Help Your Tests Create Better Student Learning

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Written by: Joe Hoyle

Thoughts on Testing: I am currently writing tests for my students so testing is on my mind. Our first examination of the semester is tomorrow. As I enter my 48th year in the classroom, I am convinced that the writing and grading of tests is a true pain in the neck. In fact, testing stopped being fun for me while Richard Nixon was president of the United States.

However, I am even more certain that testing can be (and should be) an extremely positive influence on student learning.  For that reason, I still invest an enormous amount of time in thinking and constructing examinations. In one of the first speeches I ever delivered about teaching years ago, I made the observation that, “The way you test is the way your students will learn.”

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Joe Hoyle is an Associate Professor of Accounting in the University of Richmond Robins School of Business. For nine years, he has maintained a teaching blog where he examines the many interconnected elements of successful college teaching.  To date, the site has had more than 460,000 page views from visitors around the world. He is a big believer that teachers should always help other teachers become great!!  According to Joe our world desperately needs better education and we can accomplish that one teacher at a time.