Nikolas Provatas | SALTISE Conference 2022

Pioneering New Assessment Strategies in Freshman Physics: A Curiosity-Driven, Application-Based Alternative to the Multiple-Choice Test

Nikolas Provatas | SALTISE Conference 2022

The Role of Tutorials in Freshman Physics: Creating Space for Peer-Led, Process-Driven Learning

Cathy Roy | SALTISE Conference 2022

A collaborative reflection on the program design and implementation and how it paved the road for the development of the program level of CourseFlow

Robert Cassidy | SALTISE Conference 2019

Driving pedagogical innovation: a new model involving Research Practice Partnerships

Ann-Louise Davidson | SALTISE Conference 2019

Maker Fundamentals: A Journey Into Developing Maker Expertise

Nathalie Duponsel | SALTISE Conference 2019

The challenge of assessment in maker education and design-based learning in formal education

Gabriel Flacks | SALTISE Conference 2019

Linkr: a Global Educational Network, Workspace for Active Learning, and home for the Saltise community

Neerusha Gokool-Baurhoo | SALTISE Conference 2019

Using Google Docs in crafting biology laboratory reports: Benefits and challenges for CEGEP biology students and their instructors

Daniel Goldsmith | SALTISE Conference 2019

Best Practices in E-Learning

Hélène Nadeau | SALTISE Conference 2019

The students' perspective on the educational value of extra-curricular projects.

Joel Trudeau | SALTISE Conference 2019

Hacking open-source hardware in and out of the classroom

Petra Turkewitsch | SALTISE Conference 2019

OCLaRE, the Online Collaborative Lab Reporting Environment—an Update on Development

David Usher | SALTISE Conference 2019

Re-imagining AI: A talk with David Usher

Sébastien Wall-Lacelle | SALTISE Conference 2019

Exploring the use of virtual reality in college science classes

Murray Bronet | SALTISE Conference 2016

Mining for Iron in our diet

Alicia Cundell | SALTISE Conference 2016

Promoting Active and Engaged online learning in a Blended course

Michael Dugdale | SALTISE Conference 2016

How to support teachers manage collaborative learning: GRASP a new tool for orchestrating group work

Douglas Seefeldt | SALTISE Conference 2016

Effectiveness of an iBook Textbook Surrogate in a Flipped Introductory History Course

Petra Turkewitsch | SALTISE Conference 2016

Mining for Iron in our Diet

Murray Bronet | SALTISE Conference 2015

Designing Pedagogy with Seaweed in Mind: An Online Approach

Yann Brouillette | SALTISE Conference 2015

Chemical Experiment Videos: Beyond the Labcoat

Silvia d'Apollonia | SALTISE Conference 2015

Website Analytics: Using Crazy Egg to crack how students use your website

Sonia Gounar | SALTISE Conference 2015

Apprentissage Actif Base sur des tutoriels d'exemples reels en robotique

Anastassis Kozanitis | SALTISE Conference 2015

Active learning community: Building communities of practice, Panel discussion

Petra Turkewitsch | SALTISE Conference 2015

Designing Pedagogy with Seaweed in Mind: An Online Approach

Murray Bronet | SALTISE Conference 2014

Using “Pathfinder” to track students’ mental models: Pedagogy and Research

Silvia d'Apollonia | SALTISE Conference 2014

Using “Pathfinder” to track students’ mental models: Pedagogy and Research

Michael Dugdale | SALTISE Conference 2014

DALITE in Physics: How do we know when students have changed their thinking

Petra Turkewitsch | SALTISE Conference 2014

Innovating the Cultural and Pedagogical Gap with Seaweed

Murray Bronet | SALTISE Conference 2013

Student Attitudes towards cooperative learning in education

Sharon Coyle | SALTISE Conference 2013

What will the student do?

Michael Dugdale | SALTISE Conference 2013

DALITE: A new way of thinking about "peer-instruction" & learning science

Vahe Nerguizian | SALTISE Conference 2013

Au dela du contenu: Concevoir des environnements qui favorisent l'apprentissage