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CourseFlow is an interactive web application created by SALTISE to allow instructors to design their course at multiple levels of pedagogical planning, in a dynamic and practical way. Instructors are able to illustrate the flow of smaller activities during a segment of a single class period, longer activities lasting multiple classes, or the flow of a full semester-long course.

It’s a multifunctional tool that allows for an interactive and dynamic instructional design at three levels of planning and management:

  1. Activity level (pedagogical & orchestration management)
  2. Course level (curricula management)
  3. Program level (competencies, learning outcomes, and assessment management)

Note that to log in to CourseFlow, you will need a myDalite account.

  • If you already have a SALTISE/myDalite account, you can log in using your teacher credentials
  • If you do not have a SALTISE/myDalite account, begin by registering for one. You will need to fill out a form and provide a link to the website of your educational institution showing your association with it to allow your employee status to be verified. Once you have registered, your account will need to be approved manually by SALTISE employees. This may take a few days, and requires no further action on your part
    • In the case where you as an employee have no such website to verify your status, you should contact¬†¬†for further instructions
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Interested in learning more and/or trying CourseFlow out?
We are accepting applications for pilots of the tool with your program revision and auditing efforts. click here to book a demonstration or request more information.


This tool can be used as an interactive course outline, a pedagogical design tool for active learning activities, and a curriculum design tool for tracking competencies and outcomes.