SALTISE CourseFlow is an application that allows for an interactive and dynamic instructional design at three levels of pedagogical planning:

  1. Activity level (lesson)
  2. Course level
  3. Program level (in development)

This tool can be used as an interactive course outline, a pedagogical design tool for active learning activities, and a curriculum design tool for tracking competencies and outcomes.

Coming this Fall, the beta version of the platform adds new features to CourseFlow, including:

  • Improved program-level tools to help users track competencies and course outcomes
  • The ability to collaborate with colleagues and share or publish your content
  • A search-able database of content generated by your peers, which can be easily imported to your own projects
  • The ability to store your content online rather than in local files
Discover CourseFlow

Would you like to use CourseFlow in Moodle? If so, check out the video below! It will take you only 2 minutes to learn how to display your CourseFlow files in Moodle:

CourseFlow in Moodle

Benefits of CourseFlow

  • Equity & alignment across course sections in programs with multi-section courses
  • On-boarding or orienting new teachers
  • Collecting & auditing curricula designs
  • Opening conversations between instructional designers & faculty about design, practice and outcomes

Become an Early adopter

Important to note that currently the app is very much intended to be an alpha level development and users should be willing to consider themselves as early adopters and part of our Research-Practice Partners (RPP), which means:

  1. Design insight(s), more than mere bug reporting, when they use and populate their workflows. There is a high dependence on rapid “form-function” assessment of the app as we implement and use it. 
  2. Users should know they are always working on the latest version of the app because of the cloud based nature of the tool. 
  3. Users should let us know they are using the app so we can keep track of what types of implementations it is being used for and them informed about changes.

Get Started with SALTISE CourseFlow