What is Visual Classrooms?

Visual Classrooms is a discussion-and-collaboration platform that offers learners new ways to engage with peers and instructors. It facilitates active learning pedagogical strategies in face-to-face and virtual online classrooms with tools that increase peer interaction and enable adaptive instruction. Based on its embedded analytics, Visual Classrooms allows instructors to see where students are struggling and provides opportunities for ongoing feedback. The platform’s features are rooted in learning sciences research, and results show improvements in learning outcomes and student engagement.

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Visual Classrooms can be integrated into any Learning Management System and the interactive digital whiteboard encourages students to quickly capture, share, synthesize, and improve their ideas together using any media. More than just a technology, Visual Classrooms was developed at Tufts University to support active learning pedagogies that increase peer interaction and enable adaptive instruction, it promotes a learner-centered focus with an emphasis on interactivity and scalability. Visual Classrooms provides continuous feedback and embedded analytics that help educators personalize learning and ensure that no one falls through the cracks.

Check out the brochure below for more information on how to engage your students using Visual Classrooms:

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Visual Classrooms Bringing Active Learning to Life