At a Glance


  • STEM
  • Chemistry

Instructional Level

  • College & CEGEP
  • University


  • Organic Chemistry

Tasks in Workflow

Social Plane(s)

  • Individual

Type of Tasks

  • Reading
  • Taking a quiz & test

Technical Details

Useful Technologies

  • Online Collaborative Platform


  • Brief segment of class period (< 20 mins)

Instructional Purpose

  • Application & knowledge building


The aim of this activity is to present the concepts of nomenclature in organic chemistry in a way that encourages self learning and frees up class time by using a flipped classroom approach.

The students are presented with resources (videos and slides) and encouraged to develop their naming skills with a practice quiz drawing on a testbank of questions. It is up to the student to decide when they are ready to attempt the final quiz for marks.

Instructional Objectives

To become familiar with the rules of nomenclature in organic chemistry.

Workflow & Materials


Activity Workflow

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Contributor's Notes

  • It increases student engagement with the material by allowing them to work at their own pace;
  • It maximizes free time in class.
  • The creation of the quiz questions and updating the feedback for questions is time consuming.


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